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Im Sorry Lucy (Fairy Tail) by Tommydrawgames
Im Sorry Lucy (Fairy Tail)
F.Y.I This dosent happen in the manga or anime so don't worry no spoilers

My first ever pen drawing btw hehe
Got this idea from facebook page and…

Used: black pens and some white charcoal
Time taken: a couple of hours
Hey Guys, so this the massive drawing me and my best mate did so Check It Out!! =)
BroArt- Anime Collaboration Artwork by Tommydrawgames
BroArt- Anime Collaboration Artwork
The BroArt.  (Scale was just under 2m long, while being just under 1m high)
This is an artwork me and my good mate decided to do for a friend of ours birthday.
The left side was done by myself, and the right side by lonehusky (not his real name) follow him here- lonehuskywastaken.deviantart.c…
It took roughly 3 months of planning and doing the actual work.We decided on a date to give it to our friend so we had a proper deadline. Due to our busy school/ social lives we fell behind schedule pretty quickly tbh... So on the night prior to the presentation, only the lineart and not even a 1/4 of the colouring had been completed. So with a couple packs of energy drinks and coffee, we basically did a 24 hour straight marathon of colouring (with the 3ish like hours of sleep we somehow got) to finish this thing and deliver it to our friend.
Our friend had no idea that we had done this and was over the moon. Me and lonehusky aim to do another pic of this scale again in the near future hopefully.
I might upload a W.I.P for this if i get time to and with some higher quality pictures as its hard to see the finer details we put in hahhaaha.
Beter quality pic on my mates page here: Bro Art

All Right- Animes n characters: 

Left Side (My side)                             Right Side (lonehuskywastaken side)
Fairy Tail- Natsu Dragneel                    One Piece- Monkey D. Luffy
               Lucy Heartfilia                                      Portgas D. Ace
               Gray Fullbuster                                     Roronoa Zoro
               Erza Scarlet                         Naruto- Naruto Uzumaki
               Happy                                             Sasuke Uchiha
Hitman Reborn- Tsuna Sawada                        Sakura Harun
Bleach- Ichigo Kurosaki                       Pokemon- Mew and Pikachu 

Heaven's Lost Property- Tomoki

All drawn by hand, used a bleepload of pencils. (not even joking, probably close to at least 50 different pencils)
Black pens, vivids, and even charcoal ended up being used on this mighty artwork as well.

Oh yeah the chibis are jst us in chibi form on the side of the drawing that we drew.
P.S. The brofist is an inside joke so dont worry bout it haha

  • Mood: Wow!
Here's the story...

Every year my school takes part in a regional art competition which includes the other schools with in the region, so about 5 schools took part. just over 100 pieces of art spanning over 4 categories. I've been working on a design packaging box for the gallery, then i randomly suggested to my art teacher if he would like to see my art i do at home. Showed him them online, and he asked me to bring in my Assassins Creed Connor and Bear a2 tinted charcoal work to school to put in the gallery. We framed it up with a black background, white edge then black frame and it looks quite awesome. 

So on opening night, my fellow school mates and i saw and examined the others work. Then came the announcements of the winners of each category. I had to represent the people whom couldn't make it to the opening from my school, and it turns out a good friend of mine won top of his category and won the best work of the entire gallery, so i got my photo taken a few times of others thinking i was him even after i told them otherwise.

Anyways, about half an hour after the prize givings, my mates and i were talking out side and the organizer of the event told informed my that i was the co-winner of the drawing section, i was over the moon of this as i had not expected this after seeing the other great works. Then my teacher came out and informed me that the announcer guy had red the art numbers wrong, so instead of saying 62 he red out 02, therefore making someone else win and claim all the glory haha.

But anyways i found out i was the true winner of the drawing section. They're sorting out the prize and photos and any other stuff hahaha

Heres the link to the winning piece:…

Later this week i'll get a picture of my work in the frame in the gallery. 


Tommydrawgames's Profile Picture
Thomas Green
New Zealand
Hey im Thomas or Tommy G

Im 18,male and from New Zealand, the place next to Australia

Im not an fulltime artist, im just a causal drawer who attempts to do good artwork lol

Not much else to say apart for i mainly draw games and use charcoal and yeah

Thanks lol

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